Georgia Dome

1 Georgia Dome Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 223-9200

The Georgia Dome is a domed stadium located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, between downtown to the east and Vine City to the west. It is owned and operated by the State of Georgia as part of the Georgia World Congress Center Authority. It is primarily the home stadium for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and the NCAA’s Georgia State Panthers football team. The Dome has also hosted several soccer matches since 2009 that have drawn over 50,000 fans. The stadium also hosted Super Bowl XXVIII in 1994 and Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000.

The Dome is accessible by rail via MARTA’s Blue and Green lines, which service the nearby Dome/GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center and Vine City stations.

Elderly & Handicap Info
The Georgia Dome offers convenient wheelchair / scooter / walker access doors at each gate, in addition to ramps, escalators, and elevators located throughout the building.

Eight passenger elevators in the Dome are easily accessible at the gates.  The elevators are equipped with audible tone and Braille floor level indicators.  Patrons with disabilities and their guests may utilize Club Level entrances, including elevators, to access their seats in the mezzanine level, and may have one companion accompany them.

Wheelchair accessible stalls are located throughout the Georgia Dome in public restrooms on Lower Level, Club Level, and Mezzanine Level.  Private family and special needs restrooms equipped with emergency assistance pull chains are located near aisle L6, L32, on the Club Level near Taco Mac Restaurant, and at Aisle U41.

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The Georgia Dome

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Frequently Asked Questions


Getting To The Dome

How should I get to the Dome?

The majority of friends should take MARTA. Drive to the designated Marta station, park your car free in the parking lot and take the MARTA train to the Dome/GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center.

The exceptions to riding MARTA are:
1) those who can walk from downtown hotels
2) those who have made busing arrangements
3) those who have been assigned a parking space by their congregation as part of the arrangements to care for the elderly and disabled

Why can’t I just drive to the Dome?
  • There is very limited parking at the Georgia Dome.
  • It would create tremendous traffic congestion and make many late.
  • Parking lots will be extremely expensive.
  • Cars parked on the street could be towed or booted. Please do not park on the street under any circumstances.
  • Vehicles will not be as secure as in MARTA lots.
  • The city would miss out on a powerful witness.
Where will I park my car when I go to Marta?
Please carpool and park at your assigned MARTA station. Your assigned MARTA station has free parking. Please do not drive to the Dome unless you are an assigned driver for the elderly or disabled and have been assigned a parking space by your congregation.
Which MARTA station am I assigned to?

If you do not know which MARTA station to use, please ask your Congregation Secretary. (NOTE TO SECRETARIES: If your congregation has not received your MARTA Station Assignment or a Station assignment for any who may need to drive back and forth that live outside the 50 mile radius, please immediately contact the Parking Department for your assignment at

Which MARTA station is the best stop for the Dome?

It is recommended that you travel from your assigned MARTA station to the station “Dome/GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center”. This station is adjacent to the Dome and will allow a high volume of traffic to reach the Dome. Additionally, the path to the Dome is undercover in case of inclement weather. Another close station is “Vine City”. However, traffic exiting the “Vine City” station will be impinged by construction during our convention dates.

I am staying in a downtown hotel within walking distance of the Dome, what suggestions do you have if I need to move my car when l check out on Sunday morning?

If a car must be moved on Sunday, it can be driven to a MARTA lot with free parking. MARTA can be used to ride back to the Dome. MARTA fare is $2.50 per ride, if you do not already have a MARTA pass.

Some downtown hotels may allow you to pay for one additional day of parking.

Please make your plans thoughtfully in advance. You are solely responsible for the security of your car and its contents. Please lock your car and do not leave any valuables including luggage visible.

What about those we invite? Where will they park?

Please encourage all who you invite to take MARTA. The Branch has directed that some spaces be reserved for those invited who do not know to take MARTA. The number of those spaces is very limited. Please inform any you may personally invite that MARTA is the recommended mode of travel.

How will those staying in downtown hotels get to the Dome?

Most who are staying in downtown hotels will walk. They will either walk to the Dome directly or walk to a nearby MARTA station. Those staying in downtown hotels should evaluate the distance to the Dome as well as their family’s mobility and plan accordingly.

What time should I plan to arrive at my assigned MARTA station?

The doors to the Dome will open at 8:00 each morning. The time it takes to ride the MARTA train from your assigned station to the dome will be comparable to the time it would take you to drive from the station to the Dome.

Important information for July 4: Due to unusually heavy traffic on MARTA for Friday, July 4, any delegate who will be driving their car to a MARTA parking lot needs to arrive to their assigned station at 6:30 a.m. It will not be necessary to arrive at 6:30 a.m. on other days of the convention. Additionally those staying in downtown hotels that can walk to a MARTA station do not need to arrive at 6:30 a.m.

Important Notice about Marta 3 and 4 day passes: MARTA breeze cards are good for consecutive days only. The card is activated upon its first use and will be good for either 3 or 4 consecutive days from the time it is activated. If a 3 day pass is activated on Friday morning it will be good through Sunday night of the convention. If a 4 day pass is activated on Thursday morning it will be good through Sunday night of the convention.

Dome Security

Will there be bag checks?

Yes. All bags, including book bags, diaper bags, lunch containers, purses, etc will be checked by Georgia Dome Security upon entry to the building. If all travel light, there will be very little delay in entering the Dome.

What size coolers will be allowed?

12”x12”x12” or smaller.

What about my briefcase or diaper bag? It’s bigger than 12”x12”x12.

Bags that are larger than this, although permitted, may take additional time to inspect. The more items you bring, the longer it will take. Please endeavor to pack light.

Who will perform the security check, will it be brothers?
No. Georgia Dome personnel will be performing the inspections.
Will there be metal detectors or wands used?


What items are prohibited from entering the Dome?

Obviously items like weapons and glass containers will be confiscated or turned away. Items like strollers, luggage, or large coolers are also prohibited and should not be brought to the Dome. It is not practical to provide a long list of prohibited items. Please be thoughtful and use good judgment when packing for the day. Travel as light as possible.


Will there be reserved seating for elderly and infirm ones?
Yes. Arrangements have been made to help our dear elderly (65 years and over) and infirm ones attend and enjoy the program. Sufficient seating will be reserved, namely the back 5 rows of fixed seating on the Lower Level (there will not be any seating on the arena floor). These seats are on the same level as Gates A,B,C, and D. Restrooms, elevators, and so forth will be easily accessible. If you need assistance, there will be Attendants ready to help locate seats in these sections.
Where will those getting baptized on Saturday sit?

Those getting baptized at this convention will sit in sections 114 and 115 accessible from the Lower level.

I have more questions, whom do I ask?
Please ask your Congregation Secretary. If he doesn’t have an answer, he will inquire of the Convention Committee. Please do not call the branch.