Translations: Some comments are translated by Google. While an imperfect system, we hope that it provides a meaningful translation of the love and joy expressed by visitors of the International Conventions and this site.

What your fellow Brothers and Sisters are saying from around the world


Dear and beloved brothers and sisters around the world !!! I am happy that I could be with you in Atlanta. It was a paradise that I will not forget. Thanks orgnizatoram Congress, excursions and the entire program for foreign delegates of the Congress, as well as the creators of this website. I look at photos, videos, and again crying with happiness that she received from Jehovah. Dear, I love you all and want to see in the garden.

Oksana, Russia.

Dear brothers, it’s almost impossible to express in words what my husband and I have in our hearts. We are just overwhelmed, touched greatly, impressed by your love you all have shown to us during our visit to Atlanta. We want to assure how much we appreciate all the work which was done “behind the scenes” to get everything ready for accepting delegates. You have done your best! We love how you orgsnized the meeting of just arrived delegates at the airport. We knew it’s the huge airport in Atlanta and we were wondering how we would be able to find those ho came to meet us. It seemed impossible for us. But we were amazed how perfectly well everything was prepared! I even began to joke “Even if you wanted to get lost in Atlanta, you would never be able to do it because JW are everywhere ready to help you!” It’s marvelous! It’s like in the new world! We want to thank the family which opened their hearts and doors to accept us. It was a beginnig of  a new friendship and the true friendship can cover any distance.
We had lots of difficulties to come to the Convention, and the first one was getting US visa. We want to say Thank you to the visa officer who kindly allowed us to make our dream come true. We remember him saying “Your visa is approved. You may visit your friends in the USA and enjoy the Convention with your brothets and sisters!”
There’s much of unrest in Ukraine now, and one of the things that encourages us is our priceless memories of our Atlanta Convention. We know how much you love us and it will help us to be faithful and strong in this difficult times. Every time I recall about this unforgettable event I can’t stop crying. But these are the tears of joy and happiness. We’re proud to be part of the unique  organization of Jehovah. THANK YOU!!!!!!


Dear brothers and sisters from Atlanta.
My family and I want to thank all of you for such as a wonderful effort you took to made us happy while we were with you. My family wants to go there for living, they say “lets go to the window of paradise”. You probably do not imagine how our lives had change since we were with you. You just showed us the mining of love and worldwide brotherhood. Every time we watch your videos we can’t  stop our tears coming down. Please keep doing as beatufull as you did that time, we really love you all. Thank jehová for letting us meet you and thanks Father for hugging us thru this amazing brothers. Every time we think of you,we smile. That our God bless you.

How grateful is the heart touched by the thoughtfulness of others.  Your thoughtfulness towards us is greatly appreciates; it is certainly in keeping with the verses of scripture found at:
1 PETERS 4: 8-A -10

Verse 8-A:      You have shown us intense love
Verse 9:        You were “Hospitable without grumbling”
Verse 10:       You ministered to us as fine stewards of God’s underserved kindness


Thanks for everything!


Seattle, Washington

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing us your love. There are no words to show you my appreciation. I really had a great time  in Atlanta.

How wonderful  our worldwide brotherhood is!!! You showed us \”How much\” you love us.  It also taught me \”how much\” Jehovah loves us. I deepened my appreciation to  our whole association of brothers and got closer to our loving happy God Jehovah.

I will keep your love in my mind. See you in paradise again!!! May our loving happy God Jehovah always be with you and bless you all.


I wanna say all brothers & sisters more special wards than “thank you”…However i can’t find out expessions what i feel like!!

How sweet your hospitality it was!
All brothers and sisters i met were full of love. I got what the meaning of worldwide brother’s love is! And I saw how wonderful place paradase is. A song 134 made me cry so much.

Especially the evening program taught me that Jehovah gives us gifts to enjoy our life. I felt jehovah is full of joy and happiness and he wants me to have such happinesses!! It was a special opportunity for me. Thank you sooooo much for your sacrifices of preparations!

Everyday I thank to Jehovah.
i keep you in my prayers that  may Jehovah bless you all.


I am 9 years old. My family and I went to the International convention 2014. I loved it , it was sooo amazing to meet people from all over the world. When we went back to school and had to write about a part of our summer, that is what I  wrote about. I will never forget it. I hope to go to another one some time soon. I will see you all in paradise!

I learned various things to go to Atlanta. Love of Jehovah, the help of the Holy Spirit, global sibling. What I was happy more than anything else, is the tenderness of the brothers and sisters of the local‼︎
Atlanta is now really love.And it is one that can not be forgotten among the Christians in my life all that where it was experienced. I do not speak English. But I really think that it was good to go still. It was fun to go to paradise.
Thanks for love of a lot really!!Also See you in paradise.


Hello dear brothers, we are a couple from Spain. We were able to enjoy an amazing experience with our brothers in Atlanta. I would like to make a query. Will there be in this website pictures, videos, and more information about our international assembly 1 to August 3? Could we see a video with subtitles in our language? We would love to enjoy some of this great stuff in our language. Thank you, my brethren, that the Lord continue to bless your hard work in service to Him. Receive our Christian love from southern Spain.


I would like to Thank Jehovah for such a wonderful organization. I truly enjoyed myself with all my sister/brothers from all over the World.
I would like to say a special thanks to the Governing Body and the Hospitality Committee and all those who were involved in making this special event a success.
 I can’t wait until the New World, we will all serve Jehovah together!

My husband and I had the wonderful privilege of being bus captains for the delegates.   Our hearts are still bursting with joy as we continue to reflect on meeting as well as associating with our dear brothers and sisters from around the world!  Our language barrier was the least of our worries, all we had to do was use our identifying mark of love and the barriers were immediately broken!  We continue to thank our wonderful God, Jehovah for allowing us to be able to take advantage of this opportunity.  We couldn’t afford to go to the International Convention in Australia next month so Jehovah brought the International Convention to us!  We will never, ever forget this experience and we will be talking about this history making experience right into Paradise!!

South Deshon Congregation

We have just been given the link to this website and were thrilled to be able to express our love and thanks for giving us the experience of a lifetime at the July 46 convention.  We had been told about southern hospitality but we didn’t know the half, from the time we were met at the airport by the crowd of smiling waving bros and sis we felt enfolded in a loving embrace.  The love, the hospitality, the generosity was just overwhelming and the talent, wow, the Buckhead concert was amazing, like others we just wish there was a DVD made of it, it was too good to be just consigned to memory.  The bands at the Plantation, Chatahoochie and Buckhead dinners were fantastic.  Georgia sure has talent!  Sang song 134 so many times and each time with heartfelt tears hearing all the languages singing together.  And the food, we certainly didn’t go hungry it was fab.  You all put so much work into every aspect of our stay and we treasure all the gifts and cards we were given.  We had to purchase another bag to put them all in we called it our bag full of love so precious every item.  We felt so privileged to be invited and so grateful to Jehovah to be part of such a wonderful world wide brotherhood.  We had a taste of paradise, can’t wait for the reality!
Thank you dear friends you will remain in our hearts forever.  We love y’all!


I was one of the delegates from Mexico for the 3rd Int Convention,  and every time I think about it, every time I saw pictures and videos I still have tears of joy. The experience there was something I would never never forget.
I want to truly and deeply thank all the brothers and sisters who were working so hard to make the Convention and others activities a delight for us. Im sure Jehovah is blessing all of them for showing soo much love and caring.
I CANT WAIT to see all of them in paradise againg serving Jehovah all together
Sending all my love back to everyone!!! Miss you so much!

Have just returned from 3 days in theocratic paradise Twickenham London international convention. Your wonderful site inspired me and we met Atlanta brothers. May Jehovah be praised and may He continue to smile on his earthly family.

Dearest brothers and sisters.
Thank you so much for your hard work! May Jehovah be praised for all the fine spiritual food and love we received at your city.
So many days and nights of planning for our benefit! Thank you, muchiiiisimas gracias!
We rejoice in thinking back to all the moments and all the sacrifices we made to come up there are nothing compared to all the joy and love we brought back. I still cry when I think of all the love I received.
I love you back!!

El Salvador

Дорогие наши,любимые,братья! Мы
счастливы,что смогли присутствовать на таком замечательном празднике.Это был настоящий подарок от Иеговы. Спасибо за вашу любовь,подготовку,время,силы и  внимание к нам. Это придало нам сил служить Иегове больше. Вы подали нам прекрасный пример горячей любви друг к другу. Мы очень скучаем,вспоминая дни проведённые вместе с вами. Служение с местными собраниями принесло нам много радости.Делимся этой радостью с собраниями в России. Огромное спасибо,благословений вам от нашего небесного Отца. Ваши сёстры из России.Простите,что пишем по русски,английский мы так и не выучили.

Translation (Google)
Our dear, beloved brethren! We
happy to have been able to attend such a wonderful prazdnike.Eto was a real gift from Jehovah. Thank you for your love, training, time, effort and attention to us. This gave us the strength to serve Jehovah more. You gave us a perfect example of passionate love for each other. We really miss, remembering the days spent with you. Serving local meetings brought us a lot of joy with this radosti.Delimsya collections in Russia. Thank you so much, blessings to you from our heavenly Father. Your sisters of Rossii.Prostite that write in Russian, English, we have not learned.

I never forget your love to us.
For I have been convinced that nothing will be able to separate us from global Christian  brotherhood of Jehovah\’s witnesses.
This is paradise !
Definitely we were in paradise!
Thank you for your hospitality in convention and much preparation for it.
With hearty Christian love from 6,872 miles distanced.


We are very much happy  to have experienced unbelievable blessings  through Jehova’s organiztation.  Although we have known God’s Love shown to us, we have surely come to understand that resurrected ones will be personally and richly taken care of in the paradiseeach, by being richly and kindly treated through our attending the Internal Convention in Atlanta.


I was one of the tour guides for North Georgia Mountains – Tour #1 and I was well (thanks to James McNeil) prepared for my tour, however I was not prepared for the rush of emotion -including, joy, love, empathy, generosity – that I was about to experience.  Not only as a tour guide, but as an participant of the whole experience.  The convention by itself was absolutely the best spiritual experience I ever had (second to my baptism) but adding this tour privilege, it was the biggest bonus ever.  Thanks goes to Jehovah and to the Hospitality Committee for this opportunity of being one of your tour guides for our dear delegates. The joy and pleasure was all mine.


London, England

Sorry for my english. I’m from Uruguay, Ministry Servant of a local congregation named “Arroyo Seco” in Montevideo.
I had the pleasure of being part of this wanderfull experience with my wife.
Thanks Jehová and Thanks to  you for just magnificent outstanding demonstration of love all the way from the moment we arrive, to the moment we left your land.

Its so difficult to explain the joy to the brothers and sisters here. When they saw some of the videos that we recorded in the convention, tour and so on, they just can’t believe it. We trully love you, and hope to see you in paradise soon.


This was the very first time for our family to attend the Int’l Convention as  delegates.  Experiences we had in Atlanta from 7-17 to 23 were even more splendid than we expected.  What we were most impressed is the marvelous world-wide relationship of brothers and sisters!!  We were so touched and couldn’t stop our tears wherever we went,  for example to Georgia Dome, Chattahoochee Nature Center, Field Service and Luncheon in Forest Park and Backhead Theater.  If it is possible, we’d like to send our thanks from our hearts to you one by one.
      We recognize that we couldn’t  have such a wonderful experiences without your help.  Thank to your careful supports,  we had our stay safely, orderly and delightfully. For example, some people were working for watching out our moving in Georgia Dome, some were working at bus terminals and others are helping for any individual need of  delegates at the information desk here and there.
       As to the meals, the lunch bag you prepared at the Convention made our sons so happy.  Because the sandwitches were so big in size and so good in tastes.  Anywhere we went, people cooked and served so delicious dishes for us.  We appreciate very much all  time and efforts that you spent for your preparation.
       We can’t find proper words to express our feelings.  We have never had such a big and wide boiling love shown by you.  Whenever we are reminded of people we met in Atlanta,  our hearts are still getting warmer and warmer.  Moreover, comparing our love between before and present,  we think that we may make a big growth in Christian love.  That is because you told us how to express love to others.

Lastly we’d like to say loudly each of you are our pride and joy !!!

My dear beloved brothers and sisters, my heart still pounds as I think back on our beautiful time we had together. As a volunteer it was truly a privilege and blessing to serve you, to sing with you and dance with you. but above all it truly was a blessing to praise our Great God Jehovah with you. I thank Jehovah for his love and Joy. The Joy of Jehovah is truly our stronghold. Love you my brothers and sisters for the kidneys-my deepest emotion.


I have to say this has been the experience of my life. I have no words to describe how thankful I feel toward Jehovah and toward all of you my brothers and sisters who worked so hard for all of us. I was able to feel the true love the identifies us as true Christians. Thank you very very much. It’s like if Jehovah had given me a few days in Paradise.

 What are the best words to express our thanks for the international Convention held in Atlanta?  No words can really convey our deepest appreciation for the love and efforts you had made for us to enjoy all the programs and arrangements.

The very tasty spiritual food at the convention along with the upbuilding encounters with so many friends from the different parts of the world, all of these made our visit so enjoyable and memorable.  For example, at a restaurant we stopped by during the tour three, we saw a menu bearing a logo of the international convention of JW\’s.  We have already experienced the fulfillment of Isaiah 11:9, when the earth is filled with the knowledge of Jehovah.  Also our hope for living forever is enforced through the evening program.  Our life will never be boring with so many talented brothers and sisters.

We don\’t want to forget to thank Jehovah God for making it possible for us to meet you.
We would like to follow your example of love in our lives.

Thank you so much.

With every appreciation,


 We thank you all brothers for the heart warming welcomes we received wherever we met you during the week of the Atlanta#1 IDC. We love you and miss you, and look forward to seeing you all in Paradise soon!


May Jehovah continue to bless all your works.

Melbourne, Australia.

 My husband & I were privileged to attend July 18-20 International in Atlanta. Words can not express the overwhelming joy & love we felt & closeness to our International Brothers & Sisters…who we met for the first time!! Clearly Jehovah’s organization! We were extremely happy to be a local host congregation & to spend even more time with both the English & Spanish delegates. We really appreciate the efforts & long travel of all the delegates…who’s presence contributed to an extremely memorable convention!! If that wasn’t enough of a spiritual high, we also got the treat of Buckhead Theatre & Georgia Plantation evenings!! What talented Brothers & Siters we have!! We want to thank everyone involved for all the hard work & months of organizing!! We are happy for this site as it keeps these wonderful memories alive & keeps us focused on the reality of a Paradise!


 Thank you very much for your hospitality. I’ve never before seen so much love. Also I’ll never forget what you’ve done for us in Buckhead theater. It was amazing. I didn’t expect so beautiful performance. Thanks to Jehovah that united all of us in such beautiful organization. I’m happy to part of this great family. I miss all of you. Take care. I hope to see you again sometime in future.


Thank you so much for your heartwarming hospitality !! We could enjoy International Convention, join local field services,  have a fantastic  time  at the Buckhead Theater, and learn about theocratic history at Assembly Hall !!
It was wonderful privilege for us to visit Atlanta like this way.

Brothers of Hospitality Committee and local brothers& sisters made special efforts to arrange transportation, to serve a meal for delegates, to prepared gifts etc,etc…for us.
We really ” Taste and see that Jehovah is good”!!
So we want to express our gratitude to all of you!!

Our love to Jehovah, to International brotherhood were strengthened than ever.
We will never forget this beautiful experience!

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

With warmest love.

Words cannot express the joy and gratitude I feel for everything you have done for us, dear brothers and sisters of Atlanta.  From the friends who guided us towards our buses each day, to the tour guides, cooks, waiters, entertainers, both young and old, all who volunteered at the convention and those who waited for our return back to the hotel late in the evening to greet us…it was overwhelming to see the work you all did  and with such joy that you carried out your tasks.  You all took southern hospitality to an extreme!  You have taught us a valuable lesson and we hope we can do the same for our brothers and sisters when we return home.   If I could go back and relive the experience all over again, I would do so in a heart beat.  I look forward to paradise, when every day will be like an international convention.  May our loving father Jehovah continue to bless you, as He has blessed us with your brotherly love.

North Carolina, USA

I was one of Japanene delegates of the International Convention July 18th-20th.
I have no words to express my gratitude for all you brothers & sisers have done for us!
You\’ve showed me warm warm hospitality during my stay that moved me to tears many times.Helping our transportation,arranging interpretation,smiling and waving your hands,huging me,singing songs,giving me lots of  gifts….the list goes on and on.Many of you also talked to me in Japanese,even you just said a word \”KONNICHIWA\”,that meant so much to me.Thank Jehovah to invite me to such a wonderful brotherhood. I will never foget every single moment of my stay in Atlannta.Thank you again,I pray Jehovah continue to bless you all.


 I really appreciate all you\’ve done for us . I can\’t pick those up such as warm love…self-sacrifice …
I was kind of nervous a bit …how can I find the bus stop …how to get to the doom ….even how to find a tour desk at the hotel….if my English can\’t work …..BUT  no need to worry ! Jehovah God knows everything and how wonderful it was ! Our loving Jehovah\’s brothers and sisters were everywhere in the city , even airport , hotel ….it was sooooooo happy days .
Thank you brothers and sisters of Atlanta committee , it must be hard work….thank you again ,
I love the  night entertainment show !!!

 What a wonderful privilege it was for me and my fleshly sister to get baptized together at the International Convention July 18-20 and be welcomed into the spiritual family by 30,000 people and from all around the world! I bonded more with people there that could hardly speak my language than I have with anyone I’ve ever met in my whole life. It was so amazing to meet all of my new brothers and sisters from around the world and feel this glimpse of Paradise. Jehovah’s love was clearly seen at this convention! I didn’t want to leave, and I’m sure the security guards didn’t want us to either! Thank you to the brothers and sisters who worked so hard to make all of this happen and the love you displayed by helping us in making arrangements and getting discount prices for the hotels. Jehovah’s love for us was seen clearly through you! I love each and every single one of you brothers and sisters reading this, and I pray that Jehovah’s blessing continue to be with you.
Agape Love

Georgia USA

 My dear brothers words cannot express how we feel. The warm welcome melted our hearts. We thank Jehovah for this incredible blessing of experiencing a little peace of our future paradise! Singing with all our friends around the globe, laughing, dancing, enjoying ourselves while the world is in turmoil confirms we serve the one true and loving God Jehovah! WE LOVE YOU ALL and are forever grateful for such a wonderful experience.

 The week I stayed in Atlanta was like a dream and a preview of the paradise coming soon… Thank you so much brothers and sisters we love you!! Greetings from the brothers

El Salvador

Dear brothers: When we applied to the convention while serving as needgreaters in ecuador, and got accepted we were very happy that for the first time in our lives we were going to attend an international conventiom. We knew we were in for a treat. But i have to say that this convention has far execeded all of our expectations! To us this was a glimpse of the new world l. We thank you all and Jehovah for making this the best week of our lives!


Gracias a Jehová…gracias hermanos por tanto amor , dedicación y duro trabajo…que Jehová bendiga a cada uno de ustedes por sus esfuerzos queridos delegados..solo en el pueblo de Jehová podemos ver lo imposible llegar a saber posible. ..que Jehová lis bendiga a todos a medida que ponen en primer Lugar el Reinó ♥♥♥

Translation (Google)
Thank the Lord … both brothers love, dedication and hard work … that the Lord bless each of you for your efforts delegados..solo ones in the Lord’s people we can see through it impossible to know possible. ..that lis Lord bless you all as you put on first the kingdom ♥♥♥

I’m from Argentina, and I just want to say……Thank you!!!! In the past week we were in Paradise! Was amazing being together with so may brothers and sisters. The experience of shareing a hotel was the best I ever have. Disculpen mi inglés, pero necesito decirles que aprecio muchísimo lo que hicieron: hermanos invitando a decenas de hermanos a comer a sus casas, pidiendo vacaciones o días libres para estar desde temprano hasta bien tarde en el hotel para ayudarnos….eso es realmente amor cristiano.

Ustedes sí que fueron como Abraham cuando recibió a los ángeles y “echó a correr a su encuentro”. Gracias a Jehová por tanto estímulo y gracias por ustedes por tanto amor!
With love. Your sister.

Translation (Google)
I’m from Argentina, and I just want to say……Thank you!!!! In the past week we were in Paradise! Was amazing being together with so may brothers and sisters. The experience of shareing a hotel was the best I ever have.  Excuse my English, but I need to tell you that I appreciate very much what they did: brothers inviting dozens of brothers to eat at home, asking holidays or days to be from early morning to late at the hotel to help …. that’s really Christian love.

You people were like Abraham received the angels and “ran to meet him.” Thank the Lord for both encouragement and thanks for you for so much love!

With love. Your sister.



We are writing to you today to THANKYOU sincerely, and from the bottom of our hearts for the privelige to have been selected, and to have attended the International Convention in Atlanta Georgia USA !

Thankyou to Jehovah for the International Convention Series of 2014 ! Thankyou to the Governing Body for all the hard work involved which is evident that has Jehovah’s backing and that of his reigning King, Jesus Christ. Thankyou to the Brothers and sisters in the Branches and the Hospitality Committee’s, And to all the Volounteers. THANKYOU for looking after us so well and reflecting Jehovah’s spirit of Love and Joy .

[My wife and I] have grown up in the truth, we have been serving in the same Congregation for the past 23 years since we were married . I have been in this Congregation since i was 2 years old . In he this Congregation since I was 2 years old. In the Runcorn Yugoslav Congregation in Brisbane, Australia . Here [my wife and I] met, were Baptised, Married, And enjoyed many priveliges, I am serving as an Elder, assistant to the Tiling team on the RBC, and the local KHOC.

So the trip to Atlanta was our first time overseas for a Theocratic event and it was truly Life changing! From our first steps in Atlanta we were showered with Love. Our Brotherhood is truly so special and precious and evidence of Jehovah’s spirit on the Worldwide Brotherhood .

We thank Jehovah everyday for helping us to be in Atlanta ! We are also sincerely Thankfull for the Hospitality given to us, from the food at all the occasions and the Convention, to the Magnificent Tours That were arranged for us.

We Thankyou for the wonderfull night we had in the Buckhead Theatre, also For the Tours at The Conyers Assembly Hall, and the North Georgia Tennessee Tour. We were also very Thankfull that we coul’d go witnessing on Thursday prior to the Convention in Atlanta, [my wife and I] will Neverforget the look on the lady’s face when she opened the door and we pointed to our Lapel Cards and said ” We have come all the way from Australia to invite you for a special occasion at the Georgia Dome this weekend ” and handed her the Invitation explaining the Convention!

We took with us a suitcase of gifts to give to our Brothers and Sisters from around the world and that gave us so much joy ! But we also received so many gifts that we had to buy an extra suitcase to carry it home . This reminded us of Malachi 3:10, Jehovah Truly poured out a blessing on us and there was nothing lacking !

It is also a Privelige to be in contact with our Brothers and Sisters from around the world that we met And to exchange sincere encouragemet, Truly no amount of money or anything the world can offer Can exchange for what Jehovah does for us .

On this Centenary Year of the Kingdom, we will never forget the experience we had at the Atlanta International Convention in July 4-6, and will talk about it forever!

We truly thank Jehovah for Everthing, and All of our Brothers and Sisters and the Governing Body under Christ!

Queensland, Australia.

I and my regular pioneer partner attended on  18th-20th international convention in Atlanta. Thank you so much !And I can’t find the word to express my feeling. I’m sharing this wonderful tour memories with brothers and sisters in my congregation,and we’re tasting your warm christian love and Jehovah’s love again and again. Actually before coming, we felt a little anxious anout communicating in a different language and a transfer. But there were no worries! All was beyond our expectations. I’m happy to see your heartwarming hospitality with my eyes and want to show it as you did. We really appreciate and love you.


 Дорогие братья и сестры, от всего сердца благодарю вас, за ваш труд и время, которое вы затратили на организацию и подготовку международного конгресса (4-6 июля), проповеднического служения, программы вечера и туров.
Я всегда буду хранить в своей памяти, ваши улыбающиеся лица, доброту, любовь и гостеприимство, которые вы проявили к нам международным делегатам.
Я никогда не забуду этот духовный пир, программу вечера в театре Buckhead. Это лучшее, что я когда либо видел и слышал. Я прослезился от ободрительного содержимого этого вечера.
Дни в Атланте, это лучшие дни моей жизни. Духовный заряд, который я получил, принимая участие во всех мероприятиях конгресса, очень укрепил мою веру.
Спасибо Иегова за этот подарок! Пусть Иегова и дальше благословляет ваше служение ему.
Благодарю вас братья за этот веб-сайт.

Translation (Google)
Dear brothers and sisters, with all my heart I thank you for your hard work and the time you spent on the organization and preparation of the International Convention (July 4-6), field service, evening programs and tours.
I will always remember your smiling face, kindness, love and hospitality you have shown to us  international delegates.
I will never forget this spiritual feast, the evening program at the Buckhead Theater. That’s the best I’ve ever seen and heard. I shed tears of because of the contents of this evening.
Days in Atlanta, is the best days of my life. Spiritual power, which I got by taking part in all the activities of the Convention,  strengthened my faith.
Thank Jehovah for this gift! May Jehovah continue to bless you.
Thank you brothers for this web site.


You have shown me so much love, really brothers it is enough to take me into the New World. I soo enjoyed being in your company. Your hospitality, your warmth thank you so very very much. I long to see you in paradise my brothers, there we can worship our awesome God without the limitations of time.Until then, stay focused stay faithful!

Nassau, Bahamas

Words seem just too inadequate to express how we feel about our Atlanta international convention (18th-20th).  How can we ever thank sufficiently all the brothers and sisters who have given up so much time and energy for many many months….and then…..throughout the convention week.  Greeting us, feeding us, transporting us, getting us from A to B, showering us with love and gifts and entertaining us!  As a family can we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts….you refreshed and uplifted us and gave us an unforgettable experience.  You cared for us with beaming smiles, wether it was at 5:30am or midnight!  Incredible!!  We know Jehovah will certainly bless the beautiful spirit you show and we view it an indescribable privilege to serve shoulder to shoulder with you all at this momentous time.  We love you…your friends

Cumbria,  England

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I’m from the Vienna, GA congregation.I’ve had the privilege to go to both international conventions this summer, and to be involved in some of the hospitality days and a meet and greet, and last night I was able to see the amazing show at Buckhead Theatre.I just want to say thank you so much for all the work y’all have done for these conventions!It has truly been an unforgettable experience.Thank you all.

Vienna, GA

Dear brothers & sisters:

This was really an event-gift from our True & Only God Jehová! Thank you so much fro the marvelous work & effort put in by all of you.  To my wife & I this was so unique; we felt it was like a heavenly present straight from our loving Father. Our dear delegate from Panama with whom we shared our home, is just as amazed as we are. It was wonderful… & also an honor having this servant with us along with you, being part of one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives!

This helpful & well thought out site was an excellent idea and be sure of this: ALL was greatly appreciated! May Jehovah continue blessing your lives. See you in the New World if we do not have another IA.

Suwanee Spanish. GA, USA

Desde el fondo de mi corazon muchisimas gracias por todo su amor y comprension. por todo su duro trabajo, paciencia con nuestras inquietudes y temores. Es nuestra primera asamblea internacional con mi esposo y nuestro corazon esta rebosando de todo el amor que recibimos de ustedes. Gracias Jehova!

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From the bottom of my heart many thanks for all your love and understanding. for all your hard work, patience with our concerns and fears. It is our first international meeting with my husband and our heart is being filled with all the love we receive from you. Thank you Jehovah!

Never in my life have I experienced something as beautiful as this. Its a feeling I can’t describe but that only I and Jehovah know. I go to the East Point congregation by the airport and we fed the delegates and went in field service with them.

But the most wonderful experience is that of my mother and I who sung together until she died last year of June 2013. I just know she would have been singing at the Buckhead Theater if she were alive but instead I can’t wait to tell her when she’s resurrected the honor and humbling privilege Jehovah allowed me to sing for the delegates at Buckhead Theater!

Thanks to Jehovah and to all the brothers over the entertainment who allowed me to share this gift He gave me through my mother! And this is the happiest I have been since my mother’s death! Jehovah knew just what I needed to get me out my depression!


Dear Brothers, words can’t truly express how we feel, the love and hospitality shown to us was amazing. From the greeting at the airport arriving from London, England, the hospitality at the hotel, the brothers and sisters with signs so we never got lost. The ministry and hospitality from the McDonough congregation the Buckhead theatre and the tours. We will never forget the love shown to us, it was an experience of a lifetime and memories that will last until we can all meet again in paradise. It has really strengthened our faith and it is truly Jehovah’s organisation. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

London, England

Hi Thank you so much for inviting from Japan. Best week Ive ever had. I felt like in the paradise .Every brothers and sisters were smiling all the time and waiting for us. We haven’t met before but we already know each other like close friend. I also knew that how wonderful organization Jehovah has. Every event were so organized. Everybody put so much effort but willingly so I want to do same thing. Thank you so much for doing this ! I am thanking Jehovah and brothers and sisters. I can’t forget this international convention.


I love you all! This would be my first International Convention. No one told me that tears can easily flow at such an event. The smiling faces, the peaceful atmosphere, the heartfelt gifts, were all overwhelming. Let’s hold this dear in our hearts!


Dear Brothers, Thank you seems so inadequate when we think of the love we were shown during our stay as International delegates in Atlanta. From the moment we arrived from England, we were so warmly, and overwhelmingly shown love and affection: the mark of our Brotherhood! The tours that we took, and lunches we ate with our Brothers and Sisters were like a taste of the New World. In particular: the Buckhead Theatre evening was beyond our wildest expectations! We would like to say thank you, thank you for all the hard, hard work of the Brothers and Sisters who made us feel so welcome. Thank you.

Lots of Love. England

G’day. I’m from Australia. My sister and I attended the Convention July 4 to 6. I found this website only now!!! I hope it will be online for a little longer so my family and I can watch the videos and read all the information. The Convention was amazing and the hospitality of the brothers and sisters was amazing. Well done!!!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work and sacrifices. The evening program was, without any exaggeration, the best show I have ever seen. No worldly productions come close. I think it will only be topped by what we experience in Paradise. It was too amazing to only see it once. Will this program be available on video or in a form that can be downloaded? What about the videos on this website? The Convention and association was so special we want to remember everything forever!!!!


I attended my first international convention in 1968-69, I was only 8 or 9 yrs old at that time. It made a lasting impression on me till this day. My parents were from Tennessee but moved up here as many African-Americans did during the 1940-50’s , I had heard of many of the stories of the south and growing up in the sixties were very turbulent times, protest, riots etc. But be ending at that convention and seeing all the different brothers and sisters from all over the U.S. and the world , showing true Christian love was truly amazing. It cemented in my mind that this was the truth. I just want to thank you for the website, it will help others all over the world to see the love that we have as servants of Jehovah , and to see that this is Jehovah’s true organization.


Dear Atlanta Hospitality Committee, We wish to express our thanks to everyone involved in the preparations and delivery of the hospitality extended to the international delegates. My wife and I were invited as USA delegates to attend the convention on July 18-20. During the week we spent in Atlanta we were extremely satisfied with how we were treated and what we were served. From the moment we arrived to the Atlanta airport and saw the huge sign welcoming us to the convention city we felt at ease and ready for an amazing experience. We want all the volunteers to know how much their self-sacrificing spirit contributed to the absolute success and satisfaction of our visit to Atlanta and the international convention. THANK YOU for the many, many, many hours spent in organizing and preparing for the delegates arrival, assembling the tours and evening programs, arranging the field service days, and ensuring that the delegates had volunteers to assist, welcome and answer any questions they had. We were completely satisfied in every way with our experience as delegates to the convention. All the volunteers we interacted with had big smiles on their faces and genuinely seemed eager to welcome or assist in any way they could. What we experienced further enhanced our love for our brotherhood and continued to give us a very nice glimpse of what the New System will bring to our earth. THANK YOU again for making our Atlanta experience one of the best things we have ever been a part of.

Agape, USA

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Marta and I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for  everything that you have done for us when we visited Atlanta International Convention , July 4-6 as Delegates from Australia . THANKYOU , THANKYOU , THANKYOU , THANKYOU , THANKYOU , THANKYOU , THANKYOU , THANKYOU , THANKYOU , THANKYOU ,& THANKYOU!! We were deeply touched by your Love and efforts in everything you have done , Jehovah has blessed your efforts and the spirit you have shown . Jehovah is so good ! And he has proved to us beyond doubt how much he loves us all , through you all ! We spent 10 Days in Atlanta and were the best days of our lives , we are sharing our experience with as many of the brothers and sisters here in Australia ! We were so enriched and touched , and moved deeply ! Words just cannot express our gratitude and Love for you all and especially JEHOVAH ! We thank him everyday for what he has done and pray that he bless you all .We will Cherish this experience FOREVER! PLEASE, PLEASE, Accept our deepest, sincerest, THANKYOU and we sincerely LOVE YOU!!!!! Please let us know if any of the program of the Buckhead Theatre will be available on DVD for the delegates as a personal memory as it was just so good and memorable, we are so thankful for the production

Our Deepest Love to you all from Australia

Dear Brothers and Sisters, My name is ——–I’ve had the privilege to go to both international conventions this summer, and to be involved in some of the  ospitality days and a meet and greet, and last night I was able to see the amazing show at Buckhead Theater just want to say thank you so much for all the work y’all have done for these conventions! It has truly been an unforgettable experience. Thank you all.


Hello, First, let me say THANK YOU!! for all the hard work that has been involved in all you have done and all that is still ahead!! We have been overjoyed to be a part of our convention and field service with our delegates and greeting and welcoming along with meeting them at the assembly hall. Last night, we had the privilege of visiting the Buckhead Theater for the show and all I can say is “AWESOME JOB BY ALL!!” A true foretaste of what is to come!! Thank you for sharing this website so that we can share in the joy of our visiting spiritual family!!


Dear brothers, A note to say how incredibly impressed and encouraged I was to stumble upon this website here in San Diego. My wife and I recently attended the convention in Ogden, Utah over the July 4th weekend and we were tied in with the International Convention there in Atlanta. The professional quality web design, videos and the encouraging content as a whole literally brought us to tears. What a privilege for all that willingly volunteered to help host such an incredible spiritual banquet. I hope that someday I’ll be able to use my skills as a graphic designer and photographer to bring praise to Jehovah as you brothers have done. We are also part of the Food Service department here in the local RBC, with the privilege of overseeing the creation of the menu and recipes for the brothers. We especially enjoyed the videos teaching the brothers how to make the dishes that would be served at the special meal. May Jehovah richly bless all your efforts! These International and Regional Conventions are definitely resulting in a tremendous shout of praise to Jehovah.


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please accept our deepest , heartfelt THANKYOU!!!! For everything done ! Jehovah is so Glorious and empowered you all with his spirit to do something amazing and unforgettable . We will cherish every minute forever for the privelidge to be with you in Atlanta Georgia for the International , 4-6 July 2014. Everything that was organised left us speechless and touched our hearts , it was a highlight of our life in serving Jehovah !!!! We are so , so , Thankfull for the activities you have arranged for us, we Love you all so , so , so Much , and Love Jehovah so , so , so Much for the Atlanta International Convention!!

Please let all know of our Love and Thanks ! Agape from , Australia.

P.S. , if a DVD is available for the evening gathering at the Buckhead theatre we would be delighted if we could somehow have a copy as it was just outstanding !


That performance last night exceeded all of my expectations. What a gala event! I have been fortunate to see Broadway productions of “Cats”, “Miss Saigon’, “Les Miserables”. I even saw the WestEnd London production of “Porgy and Bess”. What I saw last night is incomparable. The love of the dancers, singers, musicians, and all theatre personnel (my brothers and sisters) covered the audience like a warm blanket. I’m still breathless. Before the show, that was the HAPPIEST “happy hour” ever. Food and drink everywhere you turned with beautiful happy brothers and sisters waiting on you hand and foot. I will never forget this beautiful event. And to think it will only get better in Paradise. Praise Jehovah, The True God!