Letter of Appreciation

August 23, 2014


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We wish to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude for your role in the hospitality  effort. How did we do?

Here are a couple of expressions from delegates who attended conventions here in Atlanta:

“Words cannot express the joy and gratitude I feel for everything you have done for us,  dear brothers and sisters of Atlanta. From the friends who guided us towards our buses  each day, to the tour guides, cooks, waiters, entertainers, both young and old, all who volunteered at the convention and those who waited for our return back to the hotel late in the evening to greet us…it was overwhelming to see the work you all did and with such joy that you carried out your tasks… If I could go back and relive the experience all over again, I would do so in a heartbeat.”

“I was one of the Japanese delegates of the International Convention July 18th-20th. I have no words to express my gratitude for all you brothers & sisters have done for us! You showed me warm warm hospitality during my stay that moved me to tears many times. Helping our transportation, arranging interpretation, smiling and waving your hands, hugging me, singing songs, giving me lots of gifts….the list goes on and on. Many of you  also talked to me in Japanese, even you just said a word \”KONNICHIWA\”,that meant so much to me. Thank Jehovah to invite me to such a wonderful brotherhood.”

These are just two of many expressions received from international, as well as local brothers and sisters who felt the intense love you showed for the brotherhood during this milestone in our Theocratic heritage. We encourage you to visit the Hospitality Committee approved website at www.atlantadelegates.com for further comments from delegates and friends.

To say we accomplished our mission would be an understatement for the ages. The hard work, the many sacrifices and yes, in some cases the sleepless nights, were all worth it once we saw the joy, tears and gratitude of our dear friends from around the world!

You are all to be commended for whatever role you played in making this effort a wonderful success. The words of David as recorded at Psalm 133:1 “Look! How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity” has taken on a whole new meaning for us as we worked shoulder to shoulder with old friends as well as new ones in showing hospitality to our brothers and sisters!

No matter what role you played it contributed to the overall joy experienced by all and provided a glimpse of what life in paradise will be like. Take a moment to reflect on this: if we could accomplish what we did while dwelling in this corrupt and dying system controlled by Satan, and with us cloaked in imperfection, what it will be like when shortly these hindrances will be eliminated forever!

For these reasons we all continue to pray for “God’s Kingdom to Come”!

With our whole heart we are grateful to the “Faithful Slave” for providing these wonderful provisions and of course without the direction, blessing and spirit of our Great God Jehovah and his appointed King Jesus, none of this could have taken place.

So on behalf of the Atlanta Hospitality Committee we wish to again thank all of you and say: Well Done!

Please accept this expression of our warm Christian love for you all.

Your Brothers,

Atlanta Hospitality Committee

2014 International Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses

The 2014 Atlanta International Hospitality Committee